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Backup & Recovery Service

Veeam Data Platform

Radical Resilience to Keep Your Business Running

We enable organizations to complete their cyber resiliency strategy with the best‑in‑class data security, data recovery and data freedom.

Data Security

Multi-layered protection designed for peace of mind across your hybrid cloud

Data Recovery

Fast, reliable recovery when you need it, where you need it

Data Freedom

Protect all your data, anywhere, any way with zero lock‑in

Backup Is Your Best Line of Defense

When your data is compromised or destroyed, your backups are your best line of defense. As a direct result, your backups are now the prime target of cybercriminals, posing an existential threat to your business and creating the unfortunate reality that:

  • Unlike a flood or a fire, a bad actor is actively working against you
  • Backup repositories are the most targeted during an attack
  • Compromised backups are rendered completely unusable

Quorum now faster than ever

global leader in 1-click instant recovery, providing full immediate recovery of your critical systems after any storage, system or site failure. It does this by automatically maintaining up-to-date, ready-to-run virtual machine clones of your physical and virtual servers

  • Recover any failed server with one click in our browser interface.
  • Every time we snapshot a server we start it up, to guarantee that it will be usable when needed.
  • Policy-based migration and long term storage of virtually unlimited de-duplicated data that must be maintained for extended periods.
  • Our fully isolated sandbox environment allows for patch testing