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Create Great User Experiences & Drive Revenue with Insights-led Engagement

DC Tech Marketing Automation is an insights-led customer engagement platform that makes orchestrating moments-based
customer journeys a reality.
DC Tech Marketing Automation, you can analyze user behavior and then act on insights with
personalized messaging on your customers’ preferred channel, at the right time.

Expand Your Multi-channel Strategy with DC Tech Marketing Automation


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Create Seamless Experiences at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Drive customer onboarding with multi-channel
campaigns and increase adoption with great user experiences. Easily create onboarding campaigns and
automate drip and nurture programs to get up to a 56 % uplift in ealae Increase conversions from new users and enjoy up to a 20% untick in the first transaction from onboarded users.

Drive user engagement with personalized
campaigns and seamless experiences across
channels. Understand your customer journey with User Path Analysis and get up to a 40% lift in conversions.
Drive user engagement with real-time campaigns
that show approx 3x increase in mobile engagement.
Grow your revenue with our Dynamic Product Messaging (DPM), that results in a 20% increase in purchases on average.

Drive campaign performance and grow a loyal customer base through multi-channel communications that foster brand loyalty. Maximize your customer lifetime value and optimize campaigns with our Al-powered engine, Sherpa. Discover around 14% higher conversions through Multivariant Testing. Leverage personalized Push messages and Emails to win back cart abandoned users. Our customers reported up to 100% completed purchases with Dynamic Emails. Reduce churn and understand user behavior with our actionable insights and analytics.