DC Technologies

Cyber Security


Elevate your cybersecurity journey every step of the way

Safeguarding Financial Data

Enhance Financial Data Protection. Achieve alignment with PCI DSS, SOC 2, and RBI’s Cybersecurity standards effortlessly with Cyber Sierra’s Compliance Automation.

Elevating Healthcare Cybersecurity

Strengthen healthcare cybersecurity. Seamlessly integrate security into your risk management, governance, and business continuity framework for robust health data privacy.

Securing Manufacturing Data

Streamline and automate manufacturing data infosec compliance to ISO 27001, NIST SP 800-171, and local regulations like Australian CIRMP, ensuring robust data protection.

Securing Growth Across Industries

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Track digital assets for rapid risk assessment in near real-time

Third-Party Risk Management

Uplift the security posture of your vendor ecosystem

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Track digital assets for rapid risk assessment in near real-time


Cyber Sierra employs AI and machine learning algorithms to intelligently detect and alert you about security oversights and control breaks


Effortlessly navigate our intuitive interface, analyze reports, and manage security protocols – no technical expertise needed!


Seamlessly integrate Cyber Sierra into your existing infrastructure and experience a complete and connected cybersecurity platform